wired queue management 


  •  All in one steel stand 
  • 17 inches LCD display and 17 inches SAW touch screen
  • Inbuilt mini pc
    • CPU Intel Dual core 1.8G 
    • 500G HDD 
    • 2G DDR3 RAM
    • 4 USB Port 
    • OS: Windows 7 
  • Epson 80mm thermal printer with auto cutter 
  • print method
    • thermal line printing 
    • ticket ability to print logo
  • Ethernet port 10/100
  • Ethernet port Rj-45 
  • Internet access 
  • inbuilt audio and amplifier with speaker 
  • Dimension(W*H*D):
    • 420*1430*390mm
  • Net Weight:40KG
  • Language support :
    • English 
    • Arabic 
    • Romania 
    • Greece 
    • Thai
    • French
    • Italian
    • Russia 
    • Malaysia ...
  • Sub menu supported 
  • Inbuilt wired module 
  • support 1-32 services, 1-64 counters 
  • power supply: 220V +- 10%

  • Liquid crystal display, displays as 8 digits, 5 digits display for ticket number, 3 digit display for waiting person 
  • 5V DC power supply can be directly connected 
  • 21 key pad with the 21 function keys on the panel with Call, Recall, Call Back and Clear functions 
  • can check the passed number which stored in the call pad and can call back
  • Wired solution 

  • wired counter LED display unit 
  • Model: SXD0401
  • Dimension(L*W*D):35*12*4.5(cm)
  • Net weight:1.5KG
  • F3.75 RED color Dot Matrix LED Display;8
    Digits bright light tube ;4 digits display ticket
    number, 2 digits display for counter number
    (Ticket Number→Counter Number) ,220V AC
    Can displays WELCOME or any other
    customized Text and message;
    Can hang on the ceiling or put on the wall
    *The new calling ticket number will flash at the
    top of the display

Net Weight:1.5KG

Distribute the signal
4 port

  • Main LED Display Screen
  • (wired)-Optional 1
  • Model:SXD50040401
  • Dimension: 54*54*8(cm)
  • *F5.0 indoor RED color LED display,4 Rows
    Display and 8 digit in each row,Total 32 digit on
    the screen
    *The new calling ticket number will flash at the
    top of the display
    Content can be customized by customer ′s
    *Size and Lines can be optional and
    *Wired one
    *Can put on the Waiting Area for indicate
  • Net Weight:4KG

  • Multimedia and Information
  • Player Box-Optional 2
  • Model: SXM06
  • *Video output: at least can support the image
    with the resolution of 1024 × 768 / 75 Hz ;
    *Inbuilt Play Software,can split the
    many zones,one side can play the advertising
    video,another side can play the queue

    information,at the bottom side can display the

    running text.
    *Supported video formats: MPEG-1,MPEG-2
    MP@HL,MPEG-4 ASP@L5,etc
    *Image formats supported:JPG, BMP, static

  • LCD TV Main Display

1.Queue Management System software:
control and manage the queues, can realize the
function of Multiple language calling and
Multiple language translation, and can realize
the report statistic function
2.Interface and language and ticket format can
be customized, and you can add logo or some
other information on the ticket, like time, waiting
people, the information can be editable

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